About us

We are an Athleisure boutique in Harrisburg, SD that opened in August of 2018. It was founded by Heather Metz, who has a background in working in the health and fitness field as a supplement consultant, as well as, a personal trainer. Her passion is helping people feel more beautiful than they already are and giving them the confidence they deserve.
What does Xtrinsic have to offer?
We carry apparel that consists of athletic apparel but so much more than that. We offer clothes that are not made for just working out and we show you how you can take those workout clothes and wear them in more settings than just the gym! So, if you’re not a workout fanatic or don’t even workout at all, we still have something for you. You don’t only have to wear this stuff to workout. Let us show you! We are all about the comfy, casual yet oh so cute style. Can we all agree that when you look good, you feel good? Yes? Okay good!
As far as sizing and prices, we offer sizes XS-XXL and carry a variety high quality brands that offer different price ranges to fit any budget.
What does “Xtrinsic” mean?
There are two types of motivation. Extrinsic and Intrinsic. When someone is extrinsically motivated they are motivated by external factors, such as, trophies, new clothes, etc. When someone is intrinsically motivated they are motivated internally, so they workout because they love the way it makes them feel. We hope that we can offer new clothes for people to be more motivated in so many aspects of their life. Whether that’s using a new pair of workout clothes to get you to the gym or using a new jacket you really want as a motivator to stick to your financial budget. 🙌🏻
We do have a store front and our business hours are: 👉🏻1st and 3rd Friday and Saturday of the month from 10a-6p 👉🏻By scheduling a shopping experience on our website (we send you a questionnaire to prepare for your appointment so you hopefully find exactly what you’re looking for)
We are ALWAYS OPEN online at www.shopxtrinsic.com and offer FREE SHIPPING with no minimum purchase required.
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Thank you for your support. We are so very thankful for each and every one of you!